• We Make AV Easy!

  • We Make AV Easy!


We are human. Sure the phrase sounds silly, but we want our clients to understand we still believe in the human experience, and not just the sale. We believe in a world where people still talk and communicate and work together to find the right technology solutions for their homes; whether that be the right TV for the room, a surround sound system, or music everywhere controlled by your smartphone.

  • Home Control

    Home Control

    Pull into your driveway, where your lights are already on because they turn on right before dusk, walk up to your door that opens without a key and then play your favorite tunes while you prepare dinner. Then after the children are in bed, watch a movie using one remote on the TV perfectly suited for your home. Let us improve your quality of life with technology. Call us today.

  • Home Networking


    It has been said, that by the year 2020, there will be over 38 billion connected devices known as part of a revolution referred to as the "Internet of Things". As these devices come online, make sure your home network is robust enough to handle them. At SAV, we provide the ability to improve your Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home and beyond, an ever more important option as cellular companies are continuing cap data usage and charge for overages.

  • Lighting and Shade

    Lighting & Shade

    Never walk into a dark house again, with today’s simple systems. Forget the bank of lights in the entryway and the kitchen. Do you ever need just to turn on the under counter lights? No, you have setting you like your Kitchen. We can provide that ability - at a better value than ever before.

    Shading can provide you with better home efficiency as well as better quality of life.